And Then It Hits You

Sara Prisma Williston

2018. Acrylic mixed media on cotton, 16 x 20 x 3/4 inches

Sara Prisma Williston writes:

“This piece uses color and automatism as ritualistic ways of expressing sudden shifts of perspective – displaying the power of new inspiration, and letting go of previous tools that no longer serve.

The lightning strikes the creature’s third eye, above the trunk and just below the forehead. This represents the occurrence of an epiphany or realization – being hit by insight, guidance from a space of knowing.

A purging reaction from the elephant represents the removal of past ways of being and thinking. The sudden insight hits deep, creating new desires and ideas.

This new perspective is inspiring and encouraging. A releasing of ‘what was’ to embrace ‘what is’ has its emotions and intensity, yet is exhilarating and liberating.”

In Search of Resolution

Colorful surreal abstract painting by Ottawa based artist Sara Prisma Williston. Acrylic painting with a unique impasto elephant design and vibrant color palette strokes. Has a psychedelic and weird aesthetic through contemporary art styles.

Written Image Description:

Impasto raindrops on a white background set the scene for a protruding elephant rendered in thick paint. It is taking a stroll in a thunderstorm with a red umbrella. 

There are teal and gold clouds above in a figure-eight pattern. Coming down from the right side is a burst of metallic silver lighting that hits the creature. 

The being has very long and thin legs along with a quaint rump. Its head is unusually big with large pupils that are surrounded in gold. Its thin trunk is wavy and its mouth hangs open.

Out of the mouth is a tongue that spirals at the tip, expelling a rich gradient of red to yellow as it flows downwards.

This work has a surreal feeling with vibrant colors – visually showing the release of letting go while absorbing new inspiration.

Sara Prisma Williston looking up and smiling.

Sara Prisma Williston

Colorful Artist & Mental Health Advocate