In Search of Resolution

Sara Prisma Williston

2013. Acrylic mixed media on cotton canvas, 40 x 20 x 1.5 inches.

Sara Prisma Williston writes:

“This work uses color and automatism as ritualistic ways of expressing self awareness and inner transition – displaying the duality of down and uplifting feelings.

For the artist, a face structure with tears emerges with a heavier expression – reflecting that there is often pain, grief, and loneliness in aspiring change.

A bright and uplifting blue “mind” represents the new beginnings one dreams of while yearning to resolve personal barriers.

Emotionally in search of resolution – a paradox of feeling held back by resistance and avoidance, yet hopeful and willing to look deep and grow.”

And Then It Hits You

Colorful abstract expressionist painting by Ottawa based artist Sara Prisma Williston.  Acrylic painting with vibrant blue gestural marks, thick impasto relief, and a metallic gold background. Has an uplifting and joyful aesthetic through contemporary art styles.

Written Image Description:

The soft golden brown background of this painting shimmers in the light, while a large swoosh of deep sky blue bursts at the top half of the canvas. 

At the bottom left of this wide gestural sweep is a red eye shape with a blue tunnel of dried paint, which encases an iridescent faux pearl. 

On the right side under the blue stroke is a small autumn leaf that could be perceived as a second eye. Painted gold with blue splashes, it has a grass green center.

Slightly under this leaf is a bold primary yellow spot which smears down, becoming a translucent overlay that could be interpreted as tears.

There is a sketched line extending horizontally just past the middle of the canvas. Some may see this as an expressionless, blank mouth expression with a slightly sad curve.

This piece redirects the viewer upwards, visually displaying an uplifting flow of hope in the future after resolution.

Sara Prisma Williston smiling and looking up.

Sara Prisma Williston

Colorful Artist & Mental Health Advocate