Educational Resources

To support your exploration of the #CripRitual virtual exhibit, we have created these educational modules that provide guiding questions, activities, and additional resources. These modules have been designed for use in university classrooms, but can be easily adapted for other educational, artistic, and community settings.

How to use these materials in your classroom:

Below, you will find links to modules that each explore a different theme in relation to the #CripRitual virtual exhibit. Each module can be used on its own, or you can explore all the modules in any order you would like. Each module is divided into four sections:

  • Getting Started: this section invites students to explore the theme in relation to their own experiences through reflection questions. These questions can be used to guide in-class discussions, or as assignment prompts.
  • Exploring the Art: this section starts by introducing a concept in relation to the theme of the page. Through guiding questions, students are then invited to “take a tour” of the virtual gallery to explore how that concept relates to the artwork, the artists’ creative practices, and to our own experiences of encountering the art. These explorations of the artwork can happen collaboratively as a whole class, in small groups, or as individual assignments.
  • Creating: this section starts by inviting students to reflect once again on their own experiences through questions that now encourage them to make connections with the concepts being introduced as well as the work of the artists in #CripRitual. Following this reflection, an activity is offered that invites students to creatively and collaboratively apply their learning. The questions and activities can shape an exploration during a single class, or could shape a larger assignment or project for a course.
  • Support the Learning: this section lists out resources such as books, journal articles, blogs, and videos. They can be assigned or suggested as readings, and can provide students and teachers with background knowledge on what is being explored on each web page.

Themes to Explore through #CripRitual:

Module 1: Exploring Crip Rituals

Module2: Exploring Disability Arts and Culture

Module 3: Exploring Digital Access