A Primer on Working With Disabled Group Members for Feminist / Activist Groups and Organisations

RA Walden

2018. 12 page, A4 risograph publication.

In their piece, Walden insists on bodily knowledge and care as invaluable in the continued effort toward building understanding and an equitable society.

This document was produced in 2018 in response to experiences working with feminist and activist groups that were unprepared for working with disabled group members. The primer is an example of publishing as artistic practice; it positions information and education as a tool for change-making that can be embraced within a socially-engaged fine-art practice.

Walden’s work offers one of several examples in this exhibition of advocacy and political intervention as a kind of Crip Ritual. 

Access the full primer

Copies of "A Primer on Working with Disabled Group Members for Feminist/Activist Groups and Organisations" displayed on a shelf.

Written Image Description:

A painted white shelf roughly 2 in/6 cm deep is mounted to a white wall. The photograph is taken at a slightly shifted perspective from the right side of the shelf, facing the left side. On the shelf are 4 stacks of printed pamphlets, leaning on the wall. The two left-hand side print-outs are facing backwards, and the two right-hand side printouts are facing forwards, with the title page showing. The title is printed in all upper-case letters and in black ink.

Audio Version of A Primer on Working With Disabled Group Members for Feminist / Activist Groups and Organisations

Installation view of works by RA Walden at Doris McCarthy Gallery. Photograph by Michelle Peek Photography*.

Written Image Description:

Gallery view of artwork by RA Walden. Two shelves mounted on a white wall. There are three pamphlets standing upright on each shelf, for a total of six pamphlets. The pamphlets are white, with black coloured texts which says ‘A Primer on Working With Disabled Group Members. For Feminist / Activist Groups and Organisations.’

RA Walden’s Website: rawalden.com 

RA Walden was a contributor to the RITUAL show at the Manhattan JCC [opens in new tab] curated by Ezra Benus and opened in spring 2020, in serendipitous confluence with the theme of this exhibition, which published a call for art related to #CripRitual around the same time.