Awake While Dreaming

Danielle Hyde

Date. Three panel vellum print of digitally manipulated photos, with texutred drawing and collage on the surface.

As an Indigenous artist and person with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Danielle Hyde has come to relate to OCD through the exploration of dreaming as a daily collective transversal and transformative ritual; to dream while awake. This reimagining of what DSM labels a disorder opens up new ways of relating to lived experience. “From an Indigenous perspective” they write, “dreams are not isolated but are shared experiences and interconnected narratives. This relation to dreaming speaks to being in the world “Awake While Dreaming” is about connecting to that core beyond the superficial to build a compassionate understanding of individualized experiences with a supposed non-physically presenting disability.

The image includes rainbows and light distortion. Superimposed over trees,  and a cityscape, a face of a young woman stares at the viewer, seeming to move toward the surface of the image, almost puncturing it. The figure dances, in motion, with an urgent expression.

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