Soft Magic

Margeaux Feldman

2020. Installation with pink velvet curtains, video, collaged affirmation cards, and pillows.

In this piece, Margeaux Feldman invites participation from gallery goers, sharing three of her own practices of self care. Feldman writes: 

This installation will bring to life three different containers, each with their own rituals. […] At the first station, “Ritual,” participants can engage with the objects of my altar space. This tactile engagement serves to activate the body’s ventral vagal nerve, bringing us into connection with our present surroundings. At the second station, “Affirm,” participants are invited to write a fear down into a journal and select an affirmation card from a deck that I’ve created (see art samples for some examples). Rather than discard their fears, I want to create space for them to be honoured and held together with others. At the final station, “Hold,” there’ll be a video of me building a container made of pillows and blankets in my bedroom. Participants will then be invited to take the pillows and blankets and build their own container and sit for as long as they need. 



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