Dust Prayer

Khairani Barokka

Date. Video.

This piece features photographs of the artist “performing the Muslim ritual prayer (the one we’re meant to do five times daily) in bed, with a poetic audio description of each.” 

As Barokka writes, “in Islam, if you are ill and in bed, for instance, you can do a ‘dust ablution’ instead of using water, and pray where you are.” This engagement with crip ritual captures religious protocols for disabled devotion. It brings forth classical concepts of ritual in religious practice.

A black and white photograph close up portrait of Barokka, who is an Indonesian feminine appearing person with short dark hair, wearing small hanging earrings, and a sleeveless shirt with a batik print on part of the fabric. Barokka is reclining on their side, and seems to be leaning forward, using their arms to support her between sitting and lying down. 

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